Why Tailored Forward

Tailored Forward delivers American made custom clothing at fair prices to solve three basic problems in the market:

  1. Americans buy more clothing than almost anyone else on earth, but only 3% of our clothing is made here – compared with well over 50% just a few decades ago.
  2. Fast Fashion led to momentary trends and cheap pieces that end up in the trash every couple weeks – compared with quality clothing that looks great for years.
  3. High margin brands can afford ad campaigns, retail spaces, and perpetual sales while still making big profits due to the very low cost of labor from the far side of the world in often less than ideal conditions – compared with paying an honest wage for honest work here at home.

We hope you agree that all three of the above are problems worth addressing in the larger marketplace. If so, we’re here to help you wear what works.

We believe every Tailored Forward order works to address all three problems:

By wearing clothes made in America, you are putting Americans to work. That keeps jobs, skills, and industries alive that would otherwise follow the fast fashion trend of moving overseas for lower cost, lower quality replacements.

By wearing custom clothes, everything works for you. Dial in the fit, fabrics, and features that are perfectly matched to your life and style. Not sure what that means yet? We’re here to help. Never look at a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear ever again.

By wearing fairly priced clothes, every dollar works more. This one is a bit harder to explain, so we’ll break it up:

At big fast fashion brands, we’d say 90% or more of your dollar goes to profit margin while 10% or less (often less) goes to the product itself when you consider fabric and labor costs. That means 90 cents or more of your dollar is paying for the retail space, the fancy website, the free shipping, the expensive ads you see all over the place, and a fat salary for the CEO and other execs. Oh, and shipping it from literally halfway across the planet. You’re paying $100 for a shirt that likely cost less than $10 to make.

We are basically the opposite of that. At Tailored Forward, most of your dollar goes to the makers. The teams making your fabrics and the people sewing your clothes.

We only source high quality fabrics and pay for American workers to do the job right, right here in America. That carries a high price tag that we’re happy to pay… but we still aim to meet or beat fast fashion prices. That means we don’t have anywhere near the margin they do, and that’s fine by us. We started this as a hobby so we could afford to order our own clothes and we don’t want price to be a reason you don’t buy American made.

So… if our website isn’t amazing, if you hit a snag, if something goes wrong… let us know. We want to make it right, both for you right now and for the next guy ordering their first shirt or suit. We will do what we can, the best we can, when we can. This is our hobby side project, so don’t be surprised if responses come late at night or on the weekends.

That said, we do not take returns or exchanges since everything is custom made to your specifications. If we mess up somehow – you order blue and get brown – we will make it right. If you mess up somehow – order 30″ sleeves instead of 36″ – we’d suggest turning it into a short sleeved shirt. Measure twice, cut once.