We offer shirts, jackets, suits, tuxes, and outerwear.
All are custom made to your size and style specifications right here in America.

SHIRTS are made in North Carolina from a variety of 100% cotton fabrics for $125 each, whether it’s the classic Oxford Cloth Button Down in a variety of colors or our formal tuxedo shirt in pure white broadcloth with a piqué bib front overlay. Of course, there are many options in between to match your shirting needs every day of the week.

Use the Custom Shirt Builder to make your perfect shirt.

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JACKETS, SUITS, and OUTERWEAR are made in Massachusetts from fabrics we’ve selected both at home and from around the world. Our 2-piece suits start at $650 for machine washable 100% cotton, New England dyed canvas in 30 solid colors and range up to $1425 for super 130’s Australian merino wool woven in England in a variety of patterns and colors.

For $900 you can get a 2-piece suit made from super 110’s wool woven in Connecticut by the American Woolen Company,
which we are proud to offer as a truly American Made suit that is truly affordable.

There are several different fabrics and price points in between as well and, of course, we are always on the lookout for amazing mills, weavers, and makers to expand our options. If you have any particular fabric in mind for your next suit, please let us know.

To build out your custom Jacket, Suit, or Outerwear, please email us:

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Machine washable 100% cotton canvas -versatile jacket. Can be used to dressier or casual events, comes in various different colors.