Style Guide – Shirts – Features


The SPREAD COLLAR (below left, red) is our most formal and typically pairs with Full or Double Windsor knots. The SEMI-SPREAD COLLAR (below left, blue) pairs with Half or Full Windsor knots or Bow Ties, occasionally left open. The POINT COLLAR (below left, black) is the standard, pairing with Four-in-Hand or Half Windsor knots, Bow Ties, and very often left open.

The BUTTON DOWN COLLAR (below top right) is most often left open and occasionally paired with a Four-in-Hand knot or Bow Tie. The BAND COLLAR (below bottom right) is the most casual and can be worn open or closed.


The FRENCH PLACKET (below left, red) is more formal and folded to one side of the chest buttons. The STANDARD PLACKET (below center, black) is more casual and is stitched at both sides of the chest buttons. The POPOVER PLACKET (below right, blue) buttons halfway down the shirt, so you have to pop it over your head to put it on.



If you plan to wear your shirt untucked, we recommend adding an EXTRA BUTTON to the placket. It makes for a cleaner look while untucked and is optional while tucked-in.




The FRENCH CUFFS (below left) are the most formal option, turning back at the cuff and paired with cufflinks. The MITRE CUFF (below right, red) is a modern, slightly formal option. The SQUARE CUFF (below right, black) is a traditional, slightly formal option. The ROUNDED CUFF (below right, blue) is a timeless, slightly casual option.

With any of the buttoned cuffs, you can add a second CLOSURE BUTTON (below left, red) as a modern touch or ADJUSTABLE BUTTON (below right, blue) to cinch the cuff down a bit tighter.

(picture here)

For all cuffs, buttoned or French, you can add an optional sleeve placket button as shown below.


The SIDE PLEATS (xxx) are more formal. The CENTER PLEAT (yyy) is more casual. The CENTER PLEAT with LOCKER LOOP (zzz) is the most casual.

(Picture here)