The Tailored Forward Guys


Nathan and Cesar became friends on the soccer fields of San Francisco. They quickly realized that a love of clothes and fashion was one more hobby they had in common.

When Nathan got married, he knew that custom suits were the only way to go for his groomsmen and that Cesar was the one guy to lean on in making that decision. They looked at all the options – online, overseas, and around town in San Francisco – and chose to keep it local: Al’s Attire in North Beach, a legendary tailor in Nathan’s neighborhood.

A year later the guys were talking outside Philz on Market Street and Nathan brought up a business idea he’d been considering – American made custom suits at a fair price. Cesar loved it and instantly had ideas to polish the rough edges of the original model.

They toured all the big retailers, suit shops, fast fashion brands, couture houses, and checked the major online-only discounters. While there were many options out there, none of them were checking all the boxes Nathan and Cesar were after. That elusive sweet spot, the store they’d been looking for, didn’t exist. So they set out to build it.

Tailored Forward has been delivering American made custom clothes at fair prices since 2015, and we always will. All our clothing will be cut & sewn in America with the best fabrics available both here at home and from legendary mills around the world.

This has been and will continue to be our passion project and hobby. It’s fun for us to help other guys feel a bit more comfortable in their clothes while finding and honing their own personal, enduring style. Everyone should wear what works for them, not what works best for the big business of fast fashion.

If you would like to learn more, please check out the site. If you have any questions, please let us know: